The Voice-Water Scene

My first word was water.

After over a decade of practice-based research into the ancient Greek Siren song myth, I came to realise the significance that the Siren song is sung next to the water. The fact that the Sirens’ enchanting song always occurs near water seems meaningful, not coincidental, like a secret code about voice hidden within this ancient myth about the power of voice.

The voice-water practice I have developed is inspired by the Siren song myth. It embraces the water scenes around Sirens and mermaids. I have always been drawn to these ‘water scenes’, which reflect and hint at

The archaic scene of singing next to the water.

‘Water scenes’ also seen in moments in films like Gramma Tala in Moana (2016) humming and dancing with manta rays, or Thete wandering in the water picking seashells to make a necklace for her son Achilles in Troy (2014).

I now hold vocal experiences near, in, with and for water, where people are invited to connect to the Siren/mermaid song frequency. 

By being near water, engaging in vocal toning, working with the energies of the Sirens/mermaids through storytelling, and importantly, using water as a journeying tool through which we can witness the power of our voice,

I invite us to connect to the inner mythology of the Siren song, to sing with the water and remember the enchanting powers of our voice.

Will you join me in stepping into the voice-water scene and experiencing the inner mythos of Siren song?

Selected moments from experiences on the Sirens’ isle over the years

We carry on telling a story of old. It is a celebration of the present, a commemoration of the past and a preparation ground for the future.